Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Improving Patient Education - from Healthwise

Continuous Innovation to Improve Patient Education

Finding the best combination of words, images, and technology to communicate with consumers … it’s like hitting a moving target. But after more than three decades in health education, we know how to stay ahead of the curve.

Latest Healthwise innovations:

New! Introducing the Healthwise® Video Library: The Healthwise Video Library is the answer to today’s short attention spans and differences in how people learn. Each of the consumer-friendly videos from the Healthwise Video Library combines plain language, an empathic tone, and an expressive visual style that add up to better comprehension and activation. More>
Healthwise® Mobile Modules: The Healthwise® Mobile Symptom Module lets people use their mobile devices to check their symptoms and decide if they need to see a doctor. For people on the go, the Healthwise Mobile Modules make deciding what to do about their health quick and convenient. Look for more Mobile Modules coming soon! More>
Healthwise® Spanish Knowledgebase. For the more than 50 million Hispanics in the United States, quality health care can get lost in translation. Until now. Spanish speakers with questions about their health can consult a new online resource in Spanish. The Healthwise Spanish Knowledgebase covers thousands of health issues along with hundreds of innovative, interactive decision aids and other helpful tools that Hispanics can use to expand their health literacy. More>
Now Available: A Complete Care Management Solution. Help health coaches focus on coaching, engage members effectively and efficiently, and deliver results to customers with this intelligent health coaching desktop and secure member message center. More>
  • Get a detailed view into your members' preference-sensitive health care decisions with Healthwise® Shared Decision Points. More>
  • Activate people to self-manage high-priority health issues and track their progress with Healthwise® Learn To Earn. More>

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