Thursday, July 12, 2012


“DECODING MYSTERIES OF PATIENT SAFETY” is the first workshop by Patient Safety Alliance and Health Education Library for People. The workshop was aimed at empowering patients to reduce incidents risking the safety of the patients, starting with them. The objectives of the workshop were :,
1. To highlight the importance of ‘Patient Safety’ and various aspects of the same,
2. To create awareness various factors responsible for enhancing the risks to patient safety,
3. To provide guidance on effective mitigation of these risks and enhancing patient safety.
The topics which were covered were:
1. Knowledge empowerment:
      1. Effective consultation with the doctor
      2. Patients’ role in preventing medication errors
      3. Points to remember while getting admitted and discharged from the hospital
      4. Patients’ role in Infection Prevention
2. Legal Empowerment:
      1. Patient's Rights and Responsibilities
      2. Taking legal recourse when things go wrong
3. Use of internet to find authentic medical information









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