Friday, June 8, 2012

Information Therapy - Doctor Rude

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Information Therapy - Helping Doctors to Regain Their Bedside Manners!

Traditionally, Indian patients were passive and were quite happy to leave all medicaldecisions to the doctor.

However, times have changed, and internet positive patients are hungry for information and want to work in partnership with their doctor.
This is a huge challenge -- and a great opportunity as well. We feel patients are the largest untapped healthcare resource and that Information Therapy is Powerful Medicine !

Do keep in mind that doctors are also human, and they are badgered by their own share of problems. On certain days they may seem rude or curt; on such days, give them a little leeway and a lot of understanding!

The following terms can be very helpful when you talk to your doctor:
Please tell me more about that.
What does that mean in simple English?
Could you explain that to me again?
Could you write that down for me?
Where can I find more information about this subject?
You seem rushed.
When can I call you to talk about this in more detail?

Try to do your best to become an ideal patient, and learn to take an active interest in your medical care. After all, this is the only body you have! It's a simple fact of life that patients who know how to make the most of their doctor get better medical care. Therefore, it's very important that you learn how to do so !

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