Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Healing with Ayurveda

A talk on Ayurveda in monsoons by Dr. Rohit Bartake at HELP library on June 13.

In this talk Dr. Rohit Bartake talks about health and healing using ayurvedic techniques in monsoons.
There is a seasonal regime that must be followed by each individual, which encompasses daily lifestyle along with diet and exercise.  He talks about the two directions of the earth during the summer and winter months namely, during which utmost care in terms of body health is needed.
One must avoid exercise during summer due to the proximity of the earth with the sun. Similarly, during the winter months a gradual build up of energy is created hence the body should not be strained too much during exercise.
During the monsoon months, the vata gets aggravated and needs to be kept in check by observing the following measures:

Avoid leafy vegetables and fresh grains (grains grown in the same year)

Drink lukewarm water.

Nourish your body with daily sesame oil message.

Dr. Bartake recommends that going outdoors should be avoided since the rains can have a harmful effect on the body. Taking these precautions help in maintain good health.

A daily oil massage or the basti treatment is also recommended for people who suffer from back pain, arthritis, gout, etc

Basti therapy is one of the major pancharma treatments. Ayurvedic basti refers to the introduction of certain oils, herbal concoctions, and sometimes milk or other liquids through the perineum- anus. Basti is the most effective treatment for vata dosha or vata disorders. The term 'Basti' literally means bag or bladder. In ancient times, sterilized urinary bladders of animals were used to injecBt the fluids into the rectum. Therefore, this ayurvedic therapy came to be known as Basti Karma.
Ayurvedic Basti restores the balance of the doshas or the body types. The Vata body type, in particular, can get the maximum benefit of basti ayurvedic therapies. Some of the advantages of Basti include

• It increases weight in emaciated people by providing high nutrition and rejuvenation.
• It is also beneficial in weight loss programmes as some basti treatments reduce weight in the obese
• It improves vision
• It prevents aging and brings back lustre, strength, and longevity.
• It provides relief from constipation, distention, chronic fever, cold, kidney stones.
• It is also used to cure sexual disorders.
• Basti is very beneficial in preventing heart pain, backache, sciatica and other pains in the joints.
• As vata disorder is the main cause of many pains including joint pains and knee pain, basti provides relief in such conditions as arthritis, rheumatism, gout, muscle spasms and headaches.
• It is also effective for most of the digestive disorders like dry colon, dry rectum condition and the tendency towards constipation resulting from such conditions.
These were only some conditions where basti proves to be beneficial. Ayurveda practitioners use basti for treating many other medical conditions including certain chronic diseases too.

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