Thursday, June 21, 2012

Healing with prayers and meditation- III

A talk by Dr. R. C. Shah on divine healing at the HELP library on June 21, 2012.

In a world that runs after the fantasy of the medical word and where the doctor’s word is considered to be final, Dr. R. C. Shah comes with a simple remedy: faith. “Don’t worry,” he says to the patients who come to his healing centre. These two words, along with the hope of a new horizon kindle a sense of reassurance in the patient who has lost all faith.  
This system of divine healing, works through prayers and the power of intention. It works for believers as well as non believers. Shah claims that this system of meditation has given a chance, a new hope to live for last stage cancer patients as well as bed ridden ones. He says the energy is in each one of us. We just have to look for it. This energy can be found through the techniques taught at his centre. The healing techniques work on the following principle:
“Whatsoever a person thinks positively and one pointedly without any doubt whatsoever for the benefit of others including the self without and selfish motive, the atmosphere around him quantifies that thought.”
This principle not only acts as a healing principle but also, reveals the many secrets of the human mind. Our mind is always thinking. They are constantly working and swimming in a chaos of thoughts. To achieve one pointedness, that is concentration, we do not need to seek the Himalayas. We experience it daily in our lives. For instance, while watching a movie, or cooking a perfect dish, or while writing a check. Dr. Shah says that we our wired for one pointedness.
We all doubt. We doubt our parents, elders, spouses, teachers and strangers. Dr. Shah advises to avoid the doubt plague since it destroys. It destroys the power of pure positive emotion and intent. It also disrupts the energy flow that allows healing. Hence, it is of utmost importance that this plague should be avoided. Also, healing through this technique requires complete selfless motivation since anything done out of selfish motives brings a bad result and negative energies.
There are three kinds of divine healing:
            1.     Touch healing: in this technique, the patient is made to sit with the healer. The healer invokes the powers of Mother Nature as he recites a sort of mantra while also wishing for the complete well being of the patient. The energies are then sent to the patient via the healer’s palms which are placed on the patient’s head and heart. This practice is continued till complete recovery of the patient.
            2.     Distance healing: this healing is useful in treating patients suffering from contagious ailments. The         patient and the healer sit at a distance of 3 meters and the same procedure mentioned above is repeated.
3.   Absence healing: this is the most effective treatment according to Dr. Shah. This technique is   practiced when face to face communication is not possible. The patient and the healer sit at their respective centres at the time of healing and the above procedure is repeated.

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