Wednesday, April 22, 2009

How we Die-Book Review

How we Die-Reflections on Life's Final Chapter by Sherman B Nuland

In an age when death occurs in sterile seclusion and is cloaked in euphemism and taboo, How We Die is a vital revelation. Clearly, frankly,yet compassionately, it tells us how most of us are likely to die and, in doing so, suggests how we may live more fully and meaningfully.
The Author describes the mechanisms of cancer, heart attack, stroke, AIDS, an Alzheimer's disease with clinical exactness and poetic eloquence--and with the sensitivity of a man recalling his own intimate losses.
But even as the Author dispels the myth of the dignified death (and decries the technological hubris of much modern medicine), he succeeds in restoring death to its ancient place in human existence. The resulting volume transcends the limits of science writing to become a resonant work of moral philosophy.

Author : Sherwin B. Nuland
Publishers : Vintage Books
No of Pages : 278

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