Monday, April 6, 2009

HELP TALKS - Mr. Kshitij Negi on "Energy-Psychology: Health through emotional freedom"

This video is a workshop conducted by Mr. Kshitij Negi at HELP on 28th March' 09 : topic - "Energy-Psychology: Health through emotional freedom"

Mr. Khitij Negi practices Energy-Psychology, EFT in particular, for last 6 years.

EFT believes that your body, your emotions and the subtle energies of your body, are a reflection of each other. EFT is a very simple to apply, non-invasive, non-drug, technique to heal oneself, beginning emotionally , and then aiding and directly impacting psychical healing.

It only involves gently tapping certain points on the body, and creative use of the language.

It also works excellently for pre and post operative care, trauma care and other emotional-psychological support during recovery.

4. Mr. Negi have been the instrument in leading programmes, and facilitating and coaching more than 200 individual clients heal themselves, usually for issues on which nothing else seemed to work.

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