Wednesday, March 25, 2009

HELP TALKS - Dr. Rohit Bartake on "Seasonal Variations in Ayurveda"

This video is a talk conducted by Dr. Rohit Bartake at HELP on 18th March' 09 : topic - "Seasonal Variations in Ayurveda"

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According to Ayurveda, the Year is divided into TWO periods.

1. Northern Solstice – Cold & dry, Spring & Summer season.

2. Southern Solstice – Rainy, Autumn & Winter season.

This division is done according to the position of the sun. In Northern solstice the sun & wind are powerful. The sun takes away the strength of the people and the cooling quality of the earth. It is the debilitating period. Strength is depleted in Southern solstice Moon bestows strength to the people. The Moon becomes cool due to clouds, rain & cold wind.

Dr. Rohit Bartake is an Ayurvedic consultant and Panchakarma Physician.
He Presently consults at Pedder Road, Mulund (W), Ghatkopar (E)

His Email ID is

He has also given some lectures on:
  • Introduction to Ayurveda (Rotary Club, Mumbai)
  • Old Age and Ayurveda (Senior citizen association, Ghatkopar)
  • Introduction to Ancient Indian Medical System (IACMAC International conference, J. W. Marriot Goa)
  • Diet in Diabetes (Nehru Science Center, Worli)
  • Importance of Yoga in Hypertension (Holy Family Hospital, Bandra)

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