Friday, March 27, 2009

HELP TALKS - Dr. Anand Jhawar on "Sexual response in Males and Females"

This video is a talk conducted by Dr. Anand Jhawar at HELP on 16th March' 09: topic - "Sexual response in Males and Females"

It is just forty years that Human Sexual Response has been scientifically documented after making scientific observations, on human beings. William H.Masters and Virginia E. Johnson (M.& J.) first published their book" on "Human Sexual Response" in April 1966. Prior to this, text books of Physiology dismissed this subject with a brief reference saying that the male involvement was restricted to erection, penetration and ejaculation and so far as the female partner is concerned, she is a passive partner.
They were able to find one common pattern in both males and females which they described as the sexual cycle. The common pattern was that the sexual cycle could in both sexes be divided into four specific phases which they called :
1 - Excitement Phase
2 - Plateau Phase
3 - Orgasmic Phase
4 - Resolution Phase
They also observed that physiological changes were not restricted to the genitalia. They classified the changes occurring during a sexual cycle into genital and extragenital changes. They also observed that Physiological reactions to sexual stimulation are superficial and/or deep vasocongestion and both generalized and specific myotonia.

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