Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Information Therapy - Communication Confusion

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Do you use complicated medical terms which sounds like Greek and Latin to your patients ? Why should you use Information Therapy ?
Traditionally, Indian patients were passive and were quite happy to leave all medicaldecisions to the doctor.
However, times have changed, and internet positive patients are hungry for information and want to work in partnership with their doctor.
This is a huge challenge -- and a great opportunity as well. We feel patients are the largest untapped healthcare resource and that Information Therapy is Powerful Medicine !

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Patients often complain that they can never understand anything their doctor says. This usually because doctors use medical jargon --- but you should never get intimidated by this! You just need to remember that such jargon is simply a convenient shorthand which doctors ( and other health care professionals) use to communicate with each other. Since these words are often derived from the classic languages ( Greek and Latin), they may sound unfamiliar and difficult to understand, but if you devote enough time and take enough trouble, you can definitely do so. Remember that it's not a secret code which is being used to keep you in the dark! If you have difficulty in understanding medical terms, you can ask your doctor to help you. … Read More

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