Tuesday, April 20, 2010

HELP presentation to St.Xavier's college students by HELP Library

"I am Dr. Agnelo Menezes, from the Economics Department of St. Xavier's College, Mumbai.

I had spoken to you last evening regarding the Summer School that we are conducting in College. The theme of the Summer School is 'Health Issues - Beyond the Medical Paradigm'. We have 30 student-participants (in the age group 18 to 19 years, males and females) registered for the course."

This is a request we received from a Dr.Agnelo, fondly called Aggie by his students. Dr.Agnelo visited HELP Library and was impressed with the collection and the goals that HELP stands for.

Around 38 students from St.Xaviers' college visited the Library on 16th April'10. They were all eager to understand what Information Therapy means - a concept little known and understood in our country. Propagated by Drs.Aniruddha Malpani and Dr.Anjali Malpani, HELP Library is poised to take issues on Consumer Health and Information Therapy out of the closet and bring it right up to you.

At HELP we welcome groups of individuals who are interested in understanding concepts of Consumer Health, Information Therapy, Doctor Patient Relationship.....
Please get in touch us at: 91-022-22031133/22051101
Email: helplibrary@gmail.com
Website: www.healthlibrary.com
or through comments to this blog post.

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