Thursday, April 29, 2010

Consumer Health Series - HELP yourself with Information Therapy !

Consumer Health Series: HELP yourself with Information Therapy:

"We believe patients are the largest untapped healthcare resource; and that Information Therapy can be powerful medicine ! The reason the healthcare system today is sick is because it is so doctor-centric. We feel the best way to heal the system is by putting patients at the center of it..."
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This is the vision of Dr.Aniruddha Malpani and Dr.Anjali Malpani, Founders of Health Education Library for People - world's largest free health education library.

This is the first post on Consumer Health Series. We aim to help you become a savvy medical consumer. What we want to accomplish through these series is to guide you through the healthcare maze if and when you are faced with a serious medical condition. We will help you to take charge of your Health - in partnership with your Doctor !

Are you a medical consumer ?

Each one of us is a medical consumer - being human is enough to qualify each one of us as a medical consumer - we need not become patients to call ourselves medical consumers. In fact, every healthy person who wants to take charge of his/her of health will find each of the articles in this series of great use. Information Therapy will empower us with the best patient do's and don'ts, so if that day comes when we find ourselves ill - we will be empowered and know how to be the integral focus of our own health care team.

So, what happens when you fall ill ? Or worse, what happens when you are faced with a diagnosis of a serious illness ? Ill health could strike you regardless of your education or your status in society. Your world is changed forever !

Some of you will breathe a sigh of relief to have finally found out what has been making you feel sick, some of you will feel worse for the knowing - you may experience anger, confusion, sad, scared or may even want to deny or accept the fact which your diagnosis has thrown up. But, these are all perfectly normal emotions.

What are you supposed to do now ? This appears to be a dead end to an otherwise 'normal, healthy life' . Nothing in your life has prepared you for this turn of events when you come face to face with a serious illness.

By making an effort to gain control over your emotions and of your situation and by taking the time to take some simple steps you will be better equipped to make good decisions in taking care of your illness and health. Take charge of your healthcare.......

Let's Eradicate Ignorance

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