Monday, November 17, 2008


It is a well known tact, that laughter is a very good tonic for health. One should not feel ashamed of laughing. When we laugh a dull and depressed mind gets enlightened and we feel happy.

The mind is filled with happiness, there remains no place for sadness. All the sadness and negative vibration are thrown out of the mind. There is NO ENTRY for sadness or negative thoughts. No negative vibrations are generated.

Laughter works as a ventilator of the mind. It is an entry for Positive Vibrations and an exit for Negative vibrations.

Patients of chronic illness like hypertension, frustration, constipation, asthma, depression, hyperacidity, etc have found remarkable improvement in their health experience calmness, happiness and peace of mind when they gather to laugh for 30 to 45 minutes daily, when they join Laughing clubs.

We devote so much time and divert all our energy to achieve progress, status, future and money that we are left with no time for our health. Wealth can be regained but if health is lost everything is lost.

Laugh for health, Laugh for your life, Laugh for your happiness

For more information on a variety of laughter therapy visit HELP Library

Some of the books available at HELP Library on Laughter Therapy are:
The laughter prescription
Laughter the best medicine
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Compassionate laughter : jest for your health
Healing Power of Humor
Laugh for no reason
Let there be laughter-Medical Mayhem

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