Monday, November 24, 2008

HELP Review

Hi…I am back with the HELP reviews.

Everyday meeting new people at my desk is quite an exciting job. I get to learn new things and great ideas from them which I find to be the most positive part of my duty.

I never thought of people being so concerned about their health issues. They come; they search for various books of different subjects, read them and also appreciate them. Some of them spend three – four hrs a day reading these books at HELP. One of our readers said, “At HELP I have finally found several wonderful books that I have always wanted to read but never came across. I would particularly like to commend HELP on its Mental health section, which is a rare & essential read for the person on both the sides of the therapy table.”

The readers of HELP call it a boon to the society which is full of benefits and gains.

Last but not the least I would like to share what I learnt from a reader today. There was this elderly, tall, dark gentleman sitting in a corner trying to find some books. I asked him if he needed my help. With a smile on his face he replied, I am looking for some books on nutrition for children. While helping him out by finding the books he was looking for I asked “Sir, why are you so keen in reading these books? You know what his answer…was? He said that though I am old but am still fit and healthy, it’s only because at my young age my parents and my Grand parents gave us proper diet and hence now it’s my turn of doing the same to my grandchildren so that when they grow old they should be as fit and healthy as I am today.

I was speechless with his idea of still serving to his family who is in his late 70s not worried about his future but is for his grand children though he has already performed the duties on his part. It was my lesson for the day…do you agree with me?

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