Wednesday, November 12, 2008

HELP review

Today we had a bunch of five Mumbai University students doing their Bachelors in Library Science. They were suppose to do a project on proceedings at a library and hence they selected HELP.

All the students were highly committed and sincere. Going around in the library from one section to another they kept on asking questions related to the information they were supposed to collect. We would love to encourage such students who need our HELP and could prove to be a benefit to our society.

Since our librarian are well qualified they were able to provide all the required information they needed for the project. It was an exciting task of solving their queries and giving them all the relevant information about HELP. The students were impressed as the books are being classified, weed out policy for books, stock valuation and other such procedures at HELP.

They were very excited to see our video collection where we have a collection of over 500 titles on dvds related to health issues.

They also made a remark that there is no other library in Mumbai which conduct lectures and talks for common people's benefit. At HELP we welcome all such people who are interested in acquiring information regarding their health. We would highly appreciate such visitors at HELP as this makes us feel that our goal is getting achieved.

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