Saturday, October 4, 2008

Types of Headache


What it might be

What you can do


Extreme throbbing pain. Often starting on one side of head, nausea, vomiting; visual disturbances; sensitivity; to light and noise; dizziness.

Migraine Headache.

Use over-the-counter painkillers. Rest in dark room. Apply ice packs. See doctor about stronger medication or other help if pain persists or recurs.


Severe, non-throbbing pain, usually located around one eye; red, watery, bloodshot eye; nasal congestion; flushed face.

Cluster Headache

Apply ice packs and take hot showers. See doctor after first attack, symptoms could be caused by other serious problems). Doctor may prescribe medicine or pure oxygen (to be inhaled).


Steady pain that can be dull or intense and often feels like a band tightening around head; stiffness & tightness in neck, shoulders.

Tension Headache

Try over-the-counter painkillers. Get a deep muscle massage; learn techniques of stress reduction, such as meditation. Apply ice packs and hot showers. See doctor if pain persists.


Fever, pain behind forehead and eyes, accompanied by sinus congestions.

Sinus Headache

Call doctor for advice and appointment. Antibiotics can treat infections. Use nasal decongestants, but for not more than two days.

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