Monday, October 20, 2008

Cigratte Smoking--Tips for quitting

Think about why you smoke

* You smoke to relax.because you're bored.Because your friends do.just because...

* When you started you thought you could control it.Now you know smoking controls you. You're addicted.

Focus on why you want to quit

* You want to feel better.You hate coughing up phlegm.

* Cancer, lung disease.You just dont want to risk it.

* You want to save money.You dont want your little sister or brother to start smoking "Just like you"

* The best reasons to quit are your reasons.Write them down.Look at them every time you want a cigarette

Get support from your friends

* It may seem like everybody smokes.The truth is, most people dont

* Get support from a non smoker, an ex smoker or someone else who wants to quit

* When you want a cigarette, call this person instead

Avoid temptation

* When do you smoke ? When you hang out with friends ? Aty parties ?

* Try to avoid places and people that tempt you to smoke-especially for the first few days

* When your friends light up, keep your cool

* Find smoke free options.Head for the mall or movies-places where you cant smoke

Worried about weight ?

* It is possible to quit smoking & keep the pounds off

* Instead of reaching for fat filled munchies, chew on carrot sticks and gum.

* You"ll look better without a cigarette.And you'll no longer smell like an ashtray.

Watch your money pile up

* Cigarettes cost big bucks-Your bucks

* Instead of buying a pack, save the money.Put it in a special place.

* Count it in a week, a month. Surprised ?

* Go out and buy something great.You deserve it Now you can afford it

Find other ways to relax

* Do you smoke to handle the stress of school, work or family ?

* Find other ways to deal with stress.Exercise. listen to music.Take a walk.

* Wamt a cigarette ? Take five long deep breaths instead

* Try meditating or self hypnosis.Do whatever it takes.

Take it one day at a time

* Dont worry about next week or next year.Quit for today.

* You may feel grouchyat first. That's normal and it will pass. Just keep saying " Just for today, I can do it"

* Slip today ? Try again tomorrow.Now you know what to expect

* Soon you'll breathe easier.You'll cough less.You'll jhave more energy to do the things you love

* Remember, only you know why you started to smoke.Only you know what it takes to quit.You can do it. Your way...............

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