Thursday, October 9, 2008

Depression : Help can make a difference

Depression is an emotion we feel at some stage of our lives. It involves feelings of sadness, unhappiness and being down in the dumps ho. Most people when faced with stress such as a loss, disappointment or frustration will experience unhappiness or sadness. When a depressed mood does not lift after a few days and feelings of sadness and unhappiness are especially intense, it is advisable to seek HELP
Signs of depression :* Feelings of sadness or irritability mein* Loss of interest or pleasure in activities once enjoyed* Changes in weight or appetite* Changes in sleeping patterns* Feelings of guilt, hopelessness or worthlessness* Inability to concentrate, remember things or make decisions* Fatigue or loss of energy* Restlessness or decreased activity noticed by others* Complaints of physical aches and pains for which no medical causes can be found* Thoughts of suicide or death
If you or someone you know has been experiencing several of these signs for more than few weeks, seek help immediately.
Causes of depression : Often there are many interrelated factors associated with depression.These include :* Heredity : It is now well established that the tendency to develop depression runs in families.* Biochemical imbalance : Some types of depression are thought to be due to a chemical imbalance in the brain.This can be corrected with anti depressant medication.Stress : Depression is associated with stress and is more common at certain stages of life, such as the menopause and childbirth in women and retirement in men.
Your treatment choices
Counselling : In counselling, social workers, marriage and family therapists or pastoral counsellors work with individuals or their families to help them cope with the problems and stresses encountered in life.
Medications : Antidepressant medication, discovered is prescribed by doctors and psychiatrists and has been used successfully since to treat depression.Today medical researchers are developing new, improved medications with fewer side effects.It is helpful to discuss with the doctor the medication prescribed for depression. People who begin taking anti depressants are monitored to make sure the medication is working properly, taken as directed and prescribed in the correct dosage.
Psychotherapy : In psychotherapy, conducted by mental health professionals such as certified psychiatrists or psychologists, the person with depression works to understand the illness, solve probnlems and manage stressful situations.Both cognitive therapy and interpersonal therapy are effective in treating people with depression.
Self-Help Groups : Aimed at aiding people with depression, self help groups provide the mutual support to people undergoing depression.
Support of family and friends : Relatives and friends should look upon the person's depression in the same way as they look upon any physical illness.There are ways to make things a little easier for the depressed person-Dont criticize, push, patronize or lose your temper with someone experiencing depression.
Lastly dont despair, dont lose hope.There is help available, and help can make a difference.
Source : Canadian Mental Health Assoc. and Queensland Health

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