Saturday, December 21, 2013

Find Health Information on the Internet – Using a Planned Approach

A Free Talk On Topic "Find Health Information on the Internet – Using a Planned Approach" 
By Mrs Vasumati Sriganesh  3.30 pm at HELP

About QMed


Millions of consumers search the Internet to get more information about their health. And thousands of Web sites offer all kinds of health information. Some of those sites are reliable and up-to-date; some are not. How can you learn to distinguish between the good from the bad?

In this video Mrs.Vasumathi Sriganesh, Founder QMed tells us how we can conduct clever online searches on health topics.  The talk is an introduction to a systematic process of searching for reliable information. Learning to do so, will help one to not only find and use reliable health information but also make one able to intelligently talk with one's doctor.

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