Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Patient Community and Pre-Conference Seminar@HELP

Patient Community Meeting and Pre-Conference Seminar@HELP

on Saturday, 20th August, 2011 at 11.30a.m.

Dr.Shaivi Desai

Sourcing Information the Right Way

Dr.Amar Udare

Communicating Information to the Patient- TheRight Way

Dr.Manasi Soni

Bridging the gap between information technology and information therapy

Dr.Soumil Patwardhan

Support groups and their Role in Coping

Dr.Shaivi Desai - Sourcing Information the Right Way

Dr. Shaivi Desai is a physiotherapist from Seth G.S. Medical College and K.E.M. Hospital who is passionate about health care and health economics. She has written 3 papers and made presentations at the national level during her student life. She believes 'Information therapy' plays a key role in Patient management and is keen on forwarding the goal for betterment in the health care delivery sector.

Abstract: The doctor-patient relationship puts the doctor in a position on power because of the gross information imbalance, but disseminating information works in bringing the patient to a level where he takes responsibility for his health himself. In today's scenario the patient relies on his faith in the doctor (and God) and feels helpless because he is ignorant. This is a pity especially since there are a lot of sources available and accessible, but the patient is unaware and hence does not make use of it. With the spread of computers it has become much easier to spread awareness and educate the patient. But while the internet is a boon for disseminating information, not all the material available online is reliable. One must learn to sieve the required information from the abundant sources available.

Dr.Amar Udare - Communicating Information to the Patient- The Right Way

Dr.Amar Udare graduated from the Seth G.S.Medical and K.E.M. Hospital, Parel and is now working at Tata Memorial Hospital as a First Year Resident in Radiology. K.E.M.H. and TataHospital are both premier institutes of the country and these hospitals handle a huge load of patients on a daily basis. Having worked at these Institutions, I have realized that a lot of complications arise because of the lack of the Information with the patients; or rather due to the failure of the concerned doctor to convey the Information. At a Tertiary Care Centre such as K.E.M. H. we deal with patients predominantly from the lower section of the society. This coupled with the huge patient load that they handle, patients end up left uninformed and feeling helpless. Also the recent rise in the assaults against doctors can be attributed to the failure of doctors to convey the appropriate information regarding the complications of the procedure involved. So, Is am of the opinion that a lot of problems concerned both with patients as well as doctors can be ironed out by help the patient understand his disease. I feel the solution lies in communicating information to the patients at the right time in the right way.

Dr.Manasi Soni – Bridging the gap between information technology and information therapy

Why does information get lost in transit between patient and doctor? What role can information technology play to reduce this loss?

Dr.Manasi Soni, a physiotherapist from Seth G S Medical College,Mumbai uses her experiences at KEM hospital to investigate into the lacunae of healthcare delivery and what can be done to fill them.

Dr.Soumil Patwardhan – Support Groups and Their Role in Coping

Soumil S. Patwardhan is a 3rd MBBS (Final year) student from Seth G. S. Medical College

& K. E. M. Hospital, Mumbai. He has participated in various research activities and medical quizzes, representing his institution, and has won laurels in them. He presented his paper at an international medical conference in WashingtonD.C. His essay on Ethical Issues in HIV/AIDS won him a 2nd prize in a city level essay writing competition on ‘Ethical Issues in
Health Care’ which he presented at a conference in Asia Pacific, Panchgani, Maharashtra.
Besides studies, Soumil has also participated in various extra-curricular activities. He was
part of a delegation from India attending the World Youth Festival, 2009 held in Stuttgart,
to increase awareness on Climate Change and Global Warming amongst the
youth. He was the English Editor for the annual college magazine, Gosumag, in 2010. He
has secured distinctions in both, the HSC as well as the SSC examinations conducted by
the Maharashtra State Board, which he gave from D. G. Ruparel College & Our Lady of
Perpetual Succour High School, Mumbai, respectively. He is a winner of the prestigious
National Talent Search scholarship sponsored by the Government of India. He enjoys reading both fiction and non-fiction works and his favourite authors are Stephen King & Isaac Asimov. He also writes poems, songs and short stories as a hobby.

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