Thursday, January 27, 2011

Feedback - Graphotherapy – Overcome Behavioral Problems

This video is a feedback by one of our readers on the HELP TALK - Graphotherapy – Overcome Behavioral Problems by Ms.Shagufta Bootwala conducted on 24th Jan, 11. For more details log in to our website


Techology Beyond Horizon said...

Hey, I m keen learner in this field. I get interest into this when i had my own graphology and I discovered so many weakness in myself. My graphologist suggest me some exercises and session and now I am a change man. working happily in an reputed company with all my strengths.

handwriting analysis said...

Hey Nice post and appreciate your explanation. We have several ways to analyze one's personality. I would like to share the way of analyzing one's handwriting and get the exact picture of person's personality. We called it personality analysis test by analyzing their handwriting slants letter and comes to know about the motives, strength and disorders in person.

handwriting analysis said...

Thanks a lot for this blog.It is very useful for us because in this blog ,all information about handwriting analysis.Through Handwriting Analysis we know about the personality,behavior ,strength and weaknesses and Using Grapho-theraphywe can change our life.