Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Word of Mouth - World’s most powerful marketing media

Marketers place significant value on positive word-of-mouth, which is largely achieved by creating products, services and customer experiences that generate conversation-worthy "buzz" naturally.

Special libraries like health libraries will benefit from this form of marketing, more so, as librarians come in contact with a large number of people from diverse professions and businesses, who come seeking for the same nature of information.

It then becomes the responsibility of the librarian to convey a positive image of the library’s services, products and values. We need to consciously project the values which we stand for. The reader needs to be made aware of the services we provide and the products which she can carry with her – a reminder of the services and values that the library she has chosen to visit. This will ensure a repeat visit from the same reader.

Most importantly, we need to remember to tell the reader to tell at least 5 more people from her family and friend circle to visit the library – simply because she found it to be useful in looking after her health !

Word-of-mouth marketing starts with the employees of the library. Employees should make it a habit of informing at least 5 new people outside the library about the services offered by the library where she works. This will also improve the employee’s self-esteem and pride in belonging to such an institution. Carrying extra brochures at all times will help in conveying your message efficiently.

Google grew by word-by-mouth !

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