Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Healthwise Handbook – A Self-care Guide For You and Your Family

All you want to know about your health –

· Better Care, Lower Costs

· First Aid and Emergencies

· Common Health Problems

· Living Better Diseases

· Staying Healthy

Now Available* at a Promotional Price of Rs.200/- only* *

This new low-cost Indian reprint of the renowned Healthwise Handbook will help you deal with common health problems, partner with their doctors, live better with chronic disease, stay healthy, and avoid unnecessary costs. With clear language, full-color format, accurate illustrations, the book is easy to use and easy to understand.

A must-have health guide for each family…. And your friends too. Also makes a good corporate gifting product. To find out how you can possess one and how to become a Member at HELP Library please send us an email at We’re just a click away!

* Become a Member at HELP Library and get the book for Rs.100/-.

** At present available for sale in Mumbai only. You may send enquiries for bulk orders to other locations within India.

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