Saturday, May 2, 2009

Self-Help or Self-Destruction?-Book Review

Many of us have come to believe the dangerous myths propagated in self-help books. But in attempting to replace time-tested truths, self -help authors have "thrown the baby out with the bath water." While they sound good on the surface , these pop psychologists mix in just enough truth with their personal biases and scientific jargon to deceive us.
The Author takes an in-depth look at how these myths are affecting our society. In Self-Help or Self-Destruction? The author exposes the pitfalls of popular psychology's well -intentioned but destructive teachings. With gripping examples author shocks us back into reality and offers the truthful and healthy alternatives to the lies.
Break the cycle of "garbage in, garbage out" and tap into the true source of unlimited power and potential.

Author : Dr.Chris Thurman
Publishers : Thomas Nelson Publishers
No of Pages : 197

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