Saturday, April 4, 2015

View Short HELP Talks Online: 1 - 5 April 2015

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Short HELP Talks are created by qualified doctors especially for online viewing.  The main reason behind introducing short talks is to bring about awareness about taking care of yourself. We are sure that these concise and to-the-point videos will provide you with a convenient option to watch health videos - even on the go - on your cell phone or during a short break from work.  
Please do send us your feedback and suggestions.  Going ahead, we will try our best to bring you health topics which you will find useful - to take care of your health.
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Short HELP Talks

In this Playlist: 
1. Understanding Diseases by Ron van Overbruggen. 2. How to conceive naturally? by Dr. Muneerah Kuraishi
3.. What is Vastu? by Dr. Swati Joshi
4. Types of Meditations By Dr. Swati Joshi

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