Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Indian Patients' Charter - First Draft

A patients' charter out rights in service areas including general practice, hospital treatment, community treatment, ambulance, pharmaceutical etc. A charter sets out the ways in which patients, the community, health providers (both private and public), and governments can work as partners in a positive and open relationship with a view to improving tuberculosis care and enhancing the effectiveness of the healthcare process. It allows for all parties to be held more accountable to each other, fostering mutual interaction and a “positive partnership.”

Following is the first draft of such a charter for patients in India. This has been prepared at Health Education Library for People with inputs and guidance from our Founder, Dr.Aniruddha Malpani, M.D. in partnership with Disease Management Association of India (DMAI).

Inputs from readers are welcome !



I deserve respectful care from my doctorsI will maintain healthy habits
take responsbility for my health
I would like to get complete information about my medical problemI will be respectful to doctors and medical staff
I would like to be educated, so I can provide Informed ConsentI will be honest with my doctor
I would like my privacy to be respectedI will do my best to comply with my doctor’s treatment plans
I want confidentiality to be maintainedIf I am not happy, I will give my doctor a chance to fix the problem
I would like my doctor to provide me with treatment options, so I can select  what works best for meI will do my homework to I can participate intelligently in my medical care
I want to have the right to be able to accept or refuse treatmentI will not ask for padded bills and false certificates
I will understand my medicines
I would like to be informed of hospital rules and regulationsI will by punctual for my appointments
I would like information on whom to contact in case of an emergencyI will pay my bills on time
I would like information about medical feesI will obey hospital rules
I would like a copy of my Medical Records
I will have realistic expectations from my doctor and his treatment
I will report fraud and wrongdoing

I will provide a printed schedule of my fees for office visits, procedures, testing and surgery, and provide itemized bills.
I will schedule appointments to allow the necessary time to see you with minimal waiting.
I will encourage you to bring a friend or relative into the examining room with you.
I will facilitate your getting your medical and hospital records, and will provide you with copies of your test results.
I will explain your prognosis and further diagnostic activity and treatment in simple terms you can understand
I will prescribe Information Therapy and discuss your diagnostic, treatment and medication options, to allow you to make a well-informed decision
I will inform you of my qualifications to perform the proposed diagnostic measures or treatments.
I will inform you of organizations, support groups, websites and publications that can assist you.
I will not proceed until you are satisfied that you understand the benefits and risks of each alternative and I have your agreement on a particular course of action.


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john paul said...

This information need all the people because whenever patients fullfill there respectability then only they get good treatment.

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