Wednesday, February 24, 2010

HELP TALKS - Dr.R.C.Shah on 'Self Healing by Active Meditation'

This video is a workshop conducted by Dr. R. C. Shah at HELP on 23rd Feb' 10: Topic - "Self Healing by Active Meditation"

Dr. R. C. Shah has done B. A., D.L.W., L.L.B.,D.T.M. (LON), D.J. (LON), D.S.E.(LON), .C.I.A.H.M. (LON), Ph.D.

He has written several books in English and in Gujarati. Some of them are Divine Healing, Human body, Acupressure, Magnet therapy, Gems therapy, Yoga for mind control, Improve your Eye-sight, How to get wealth from Share market, etc.

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